Getting Your Rented Premises Organized And Tidied Properly

Being a landlord or landlady is no easy task for anyone. Although you get relatively nice renters for your premises, there is always one or two who end up making a mess that no one wants to tidy up. So usually you end up being the one shouldering the responsibility and grabbing the broom and dustpan. For those who own properties that are provided as rented spaces, periodical visit to the premises to make sure that nothing has broken down in the premises is routine. Generally renters take this time of you to complain about things and nag about items that need to be fixed as well. Most landowners take a security deposit to ensure that the property is given back to them in a proper manner. So here are some tips of making your premises safe and organized.

Give your space away as a trial basis at first

Giving a trial run for a potential renter to use the space is a great for them to figure out if they are at the right place, and also a good chance for you to see if the renter will end up breaking down a wall one day. This will allow you a chance to see if the habits of the renter are compatible with your expectations for handling your property and also the other renters in the premises as well.

Doing the proper building washing

If you are providing utilities as electricity, furniture and other then you will have to ensure routine inspections and repairing like Dubai municipality approved water tank cleaning are carried out on a schedule. You will have to arrange these with the local authorities to make sure that everything gets done, and this will include reminding them about a week beforehand about the repairing job.

If you are the owner of a high rise building then you will need to get professional services for things like cleansing the common areas, window washing and approved companies for the building mandatory services (like the pros who do air duct cleaning Jebel Ali free zone).

When you provide common spaces for the renters then you will give prior rules and notices for using the common space. Make sure that all the notices are provided in several languages if you have foreign nationals in your premises as well. common spaces will need to undergo routine cleansing from your own pocket. Make sure that the routine services are scheduled for the days that the renters are not disturbed or you will receive complaints.