The Importance Of Knowing The English Language

The English language has been around since roughly the 5th century and has since undergone various changes and now is the most used language in world. The importance of knowing the English language cannot be underestimated in such a connected world where English is the main language in most countries. When it comes to international meetings, conventions and business affairs English is the language used. Even in the tourism industry, officials use English to overcome the barriers and communicate with the tourists and immigrants. In a digitalized world like we live in, the primary language used on the internet too is English so even if your native language is not English, to ensure a proper grasp and usage of the internet, you are required to have knowledge in English. Things like instruction manuals and specification sheets are commonly available in English and are rarely available in other languages.

For people who want to move overseas for education or for families looking to migrate to more developed countries and those who seek more opportunities are required to meet certain standards of English set by the countries. IELTS courses are one such exam that checks the quality and standard of English present in an individual. It is the most popular type of exam for the English language. It is undertaken by around two million individuals an year.

It is recognized by over nine thousand institutes and associations making it extremely invaluable and has training centers in over one hundred and thirty five countries. It examines all the skill points present in the language; speaking, reading, writing and listening. The total time for all four exams culminates at 3 hours.

By scoring good marks in English proficiency exams, it increases your chances of being accepted into major universities abroad and increases the possibilities of being accepted for migration and such. It also greatly develops your English skills and makes it easier to communicate with people of different nationalities when you communicate with them in multicultural situations. Having good English speaking skills also increases your chances of being employed at a firm. English is also a primary language in most regions of the world; mainly due to the British colony having expanded into many countries in Asia and the rest of the globe. In countries where it is not the primary language, chances are that it is at least the secondary language. By having a fluent knowledge in English it makes it easier for you to fit in and mingle with the locals and continue an employment. If you are involved in the scientific world, knowing English is of utmost importance due to it being the universal language in the field.