Types Of Stairs Used In Domestic Constructions

If you are someone who is in the process of constructing your new home and is fixed in a dilemma as to which type of a staircase is most suitable for it, the following ideas will surely help you arrive at a conclusion. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following information provides more insight.
Straight stairs
Although this is commonly used in houses and other buildings such as offices, one of its advantages are that it provides you with the ease to climb up and down. In addition, it also makes the construction process easier compared to other types. It also bears a sense of simplicity if constructed properly which helps add elegance to your house. However, a disadvantage of this type is that, it does not provide privacy between the floors of your house unlike L-shaped or curved stairs.
Spiral stairs
Although some people believe that these types of stairs are difficult to use compared to straight ones, it certainly provides your house with a sense of uniqueness and charmless. You can also consider adding a railing that makes it looks even more attractive. Consider approaching a company that carries out process such as steel fabrication in Dubai used for railings and other purposes. Seeking such professional advice will help your stairway look complete.
Curved stairs
These consist of a bigger radius and add grace to your home. It also gives any setting a modern look and can be built easily compared to spiral stairs. You have the choice of choosing the best railing which will make it look more pleasing. If the stairs are made of wood, choose a railing of the same material. However if the stairs are tiled, you can get a customized one made of metal through companies that work with structural fabrication and designing of railings.
Winder stairs
These are a type of L-shaped stairways that consists of triangular shaped steps at the middle or the intersection point of it. These stairs tend to be wider, yet required a less amount of space when constructing. However, a disadvantage is that it can be difficult to build railing to winder stairs due its shape, especially at the centre point. Moreover, winder stairs can also be tougher to navigate compared to L-shaped ones.
Knowing and understanding the pros and cons of each type of stairs will provide you with the ease to decide which one suits your home the best. This will leave you with no regrets and will provide your house with elegance throughout.