Who Said Beauty Isn’t A Priority During Your Pregnancy?

Pregnancy certainly is a very difficult time in a woman’s life in which all priorities definitely shift towards the developing fetus and where she focuses on the intake of all the right nourishments and vitamins in order to ensure her growing infant gets the best and correct nutrition that they require in the 36-39 weeks that they spend in the womb. While their main focus lays with the baby, it could be noticed how prior to the maternal glow that they are endowed with, during the stressful period of months of pregnancy at first, many will incur in various stress related issues which will start showing through their skin.
One in this period of time really shouldn’t neglect their outer appearance. While a visit to their personal Dubai gynecologist or obstetrician is completely normal with regard to monitoring the growth of the fetus, they could request for further advice on the subject of the various changes to the skin that will occur during this period including the stretch marks and other discolorations. Further, you should also be cautious in choosing your doctor as most of them maybe rather restrictive and may discourage you from treating your skin in this period of time. While this may be most advisable to a certain extent due to the adverse effects the medication may have on the baby, one can still go for dermal care medication if they get the right advice from a properly qualified specialist thus doing away with the particular risk.
A dermatologist is somewhat hesitant too in giving out medication, as many tablets anyway cannot be used during the pregnancy and give strictly printed out instructions advising the patients not to consume the particular medication during the pregnancy. While skin maybe prone to acne also due to the hormone imbalance several mother’s to be get rather sensitive with the issue and thus seek medical care, even though most of the time there really isn’t a lot of medication you could take in which would have no effect on the baby. Nevertheless one is always able to consume these after the delivery, with the proper medical attention if they aren’t planning to breast-feed the baby.
On a conclusive note, while pregnancy is a wonderful period of time, the pre-natal stress that one is faced with can undeniably bring about mood swings and other levels of depression too, depending on how you may be affected by other factors such as morning sickness. Thus taking some interest in keeping your skin beautiful and clean may really just amp up your mood and help you keep your mind off the stressful bits.